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The micro-credit messiahs
E. Kumar Sharma , February 05 2008 Ė Business Today.

Itís 30 minutes to 1 p.m. and Kishore Kumar Puli is getting anxious. We are on our way to the Rajiv Nagar slum near Mancherial town of Adilabad district, some 300 km north of Hyderabad, and Puli, 36, is keen to keep his appointment time of 1 p.m., and understandably so. Rajiv Nagar is where the business plan of Puliís Annapurna Financial Services is unfolding. Formerly with ICICI Bank as its regional head (Microfinance division) for Karnataka, Puli set up shop barely five months ago but has racked up 4,500 clients to whom he has lent over Rs 3 crore.


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